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Physician Burnout

AMA Alliance Guide to Physician Burnout and How to Effect Change

What is Physician Burnout?
Physician burnout is at crisis levels in the medical community. Marked by feelings of cynicism, loss of interest in work, and a lowered sense of personal accomplishment among other indicators, recent studies have shown that approximately 46-50% of all physicians classify themselves in burnout. While many factors contribute to an atmosphere of stress, most clinicians point to increased regulations and technology in combination with decreased opportunities for direct patient care as the primary causes for their overall sense of dissatisfaction. However, not all the news is grim: according to a 2015 Medscape report, most physicians would choose medicine again as their career, especially those in front line practices such as primary care, although perhaps not their current specialty.

What are the dangers of burnout?
Physicians in burnout may become depressed and turn to self-medication or other extremes for relief. If your physician is in crisis, seek confidential assistance from your family’s personal doctor, employer or health system’s resources, or your state’s physician health or assistance programs before it is too late.

How can I tell if my favorite physician is experiencing burnout?
The AMA Alliance, in conjunction with trusted experts in the field, has developed a quiz specifically targeted to physician families.

To take the online quiz, click here or download as a pdf.

After the quiz, click here to see what your score means.

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